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D1R3cToR    C1n3matoGRaph3R   3d1toR FouNdeR TomoRRow P1cTuR3s


applying art to

the changing times.

"I am inspired to galvanize audiences through true stories of people doing extraordinary things. This serves as a source of endless opportunity to me. I

makes media & create experiences that ask thought provoking questions, teach us something and entertain us in the process."

tH3 eY3 of tH3 OUTs1d3R

Photo: Meghan Meredith

On location with Panavision
Dolls with Issues - Short Film
The fabulous Cornell West
On location in Romania for After the Fall documentary
On location in Constanza Romania Documentary After the Fall
On location in Nairobi
The only way is up!
Speaking at Gallery exhibit for  photography
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The only way is up!